Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So it's 2009 then.

Well here we are. Where did those 9 years go then, from when we were celebrating that long-awaited milestone called 'the New Millenium' whilst we listened to Prince and Pulp and wondered if we would still be able to get money out the cash machine on Jan the 1st? I am not sure where it has all gone but I am wondering if I am the only person trying to resist the notion of New Years Resolutions. Most resolutions that I have made in the past I find it impossible to stick to so this year I don't want to bother and end up being dissapointed. However, I do want to improve things, so maybe, rather than resolutions I might instead have a list of things that I want to practice in order to improve at doing them for the long term. This is also more positive, I think, than giving stuff up or not allowing myself to do things or stating that I MUST do other things. So, here is my list of things I want to practice this year:

  • Practice yoga -nice exercise that appeals to me.
  • Practice walking more -see above. Plus it means not using the car so much, plus it means getting some proper fresh air.
  • Practice studying better -I want to finish my OU degree in the next few years so I want to gety better at studying as it is a very important skill to have in order to find out about all sorts of stuff that I am interested in.
  • Practice my knitting -a neglected area recently, but one that is good for me both creatively, practically and as a form of relaxation.
  • Practice breadmaking -see above, although not quite so neglected as my knitting.
  • Practice pastry making -after eating a most fantastic steak and ale pie, this is something I want to really crack. I reckon pastry is and has always been a brilliant way of transforming leftovers into fantastic and tasty new meals.

Well that is my list so far. I'm wondering what others have got planned for their practice in 2009.


  1. Hiya missus! I'm decided to break with tradition of being an unsporty old bag and will be doing the Great North Swim across Lake Windermerre......lolol.....

    What was I thinking!

    TS xx

  2. I have got no idea what you were thinking at all Tracey, you mad woman!! lol!! But good luck to ya and must admit that if I were to do anything sporty I think I would make it swimming rather than *shudders* running... and in Windermere, at least the scenery will inspire you, eh??!! Go for it!!