Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Another go at Being Thankful

OK, tis late here but I want to spend my 3 minutes doing this again tonight!! So.....
  • I am thankful again for good friends. I have had some lovely messages both here and in other places and I feel truly special today.
  • For sorting out my sons swimming lessons and feeling the fear and just doing it and watching him get a bit of vivaciousness back again. It suits him!
  • For my body. You know, it isn't exactly how I would like it, but I am tall and sturdy and strong and it belongs to me and only to me. I am unique.
  • For my sister who made me laugh so much just by writing this sentence in her email to me today: Wish u were here….. we’re having fireworks tonight, not the same with out all of the kids together trying to poke each others eyes out with sparklers lol!
I think this coveys the necessary sentiment and I love it nearly as much as I love her.

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